Hi, my name is Tim!

I am an entrepreneur who started on this journey in June 2017. I have  built a couple of websites, and am still in the experimental stages.

I am always developing new strategies and ideas as the market continues to change and evolve. “If you are not learning or growing each day, you might just as well put yourself in a box, and plant yourself in the ground”.


If your focus in life is helping others, then you will also be successful in life! Good thoughts and deeds are always returned to you! It is good Karma!

No matter who the circumstances are! Accomplishing goals globally with others is my primary focus.


Small businness classes have helped me in running a successful upholstery business for 20 years with his wife. I have studied micro and macroeconomic processes to have a better grasp and understanding of how they play a key part in today’s business world which is constantly going through changes.

I also have specialized in areas of inventory and manufacturing processes throughout his career and has also worked in the areas of seasonal merchandising sales.

I am currently is a vinyl extrusion sheet operator and has been doing this specialty line of work for over 20-years.


There are many people in life who have become not only successeful through personal growth but also through monetary growth  One very good example living in today’s times is Warren Buffet.

Warren follows and reads the Wall Street Journal, He also reads books and articles which pertain to the things we use each day. If this is something that Warren does and also people who are like-minded then maybe we should be emulating what they are doing also.

Imitating and doing things that other successful people do, will eventually lead and give you the same opportunity. After all, we are who we follow and who we associate ourselves with!


Since joining Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google +, my following from others has been increasing through these social network sites globally as my popularity continues to grow. I enjoy meeting people from areas of the fashion industry, also those who are in the health, nutrition and strength training areas and those involved in affiliate marketing.

Through the power of using Social Networking, we can help each other with our goals in life and tear down the walls which the world of politics created. These walls have separated and prevented us from sharing a common ground for the good of each other.

I also have a genealogy network and my study of history, has made many acquaintances in different countries such as England, Isle of Man, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Canada, Philippines, Hong Kong and France.

If you wish to connect with me  and see others whom I have connected with, you can catch up with me on the links on this website with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Some of my fave Instagram hashtags are #Paris, #London, #Berlin, #New York, #Fashion, #Blogger, #Photography, and #Travel.and of course #sirtimothywisconsin!


Some of my many hobbies and interests which include traveling, collecting coins, collecting sports cards & sport memorabilia, genealogy, history, art, antiques, autograph collecting, social networking, reading books and magazines, meeting people, swimming, tools, cars, boats, fishing, hunting, camping, skiing, water skiing, working out, health, nutrition, and of course re-modeling the house ~ which seems to never end!

I have an interest in meeting many people throughout my life has helped me to obtain a collection of autographs which include notable people such as Warren Spahn, Yogi Berra, Bob Gibson, Pete Rose, Jim Palmer, Stan Musial, Kirby Pucket, Carl Pohlad, and so many famous other people.

Pete Rose and Yogi Berra are some of my most favorite memorable experiences when I was having items signed by them!


Traveling to Paris numerous times has helped me create a network of friends there. I have also gone to Normandy Beach in France and have swum in the English Channel.

Some of my fishing trips have taken me to Ninlchik for Halibut and also the Kenai River for Salmon in Alaska. I has also fished in the remote parts of Northern Canada of the Nipigon in my younger years.

Some of Tim’s future travel plans include Berlin and other parts of Germany, Belgium, Sweden, London and also the area of Cornwall in England, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Cape Cod, Czechoslovakia, the Ukraine, Italy, Rome, Greece, Spain, Isle of Man, Ireland, and so many others.

Life and traveling are alike, they are both adventures with a destiny in mind. Hopefully, we can connect and meet each other in our travel adventures!


Thanks for reading this to the end, I hope it gives you a good impression of me! For more info about me, you can check out the link below which has some more information and other details about me and my network

Like anything in life, if we are not striving to improve and help ourselves and those around us improve themselves, then we have not contributed anything worthwhile to this world!

Time is a precious commodity which should not be used foolishly.

I hope we can connect with each other so that we may make our goals and dreams become real!

Peace out and have an awesome day!


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