Are You Focused?

One of the challenges in life is to stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Too often we seem to struggle in life, we lose our focus and train of thought and fail to move forward.

If this seems like you perhaps one of the things you can do is start by creating a “Task” or “Things To Do” list that will help

you to stay focused on your goals.

A simple way to do this is to create a database with a list of goals you wish to accomplish!


Here is a sample of a Task list below!

As you can see, when we create a “Task” list which we follow daily; we can chart what we did, how often we worked on our goals, what happened during this day that prevented us from doing things and so forth.


A “Task” list can help motivate us to work on the areas we need to improve upon, where we need to put our FOCUS!

As you can see from this simple chart above, this task list keeps track of the various tasks we wish to be working on for each day of the week.

It shows what day it was, the date of the month and a list of things we wish to accomplish!

When we use the task list we can see if we have patterns in our personal lives in the way we do things.

Some patterns we may see are certain days of the week we may have a habit of not being productive, we fail at working on certain areas which should have a high priority on and we tend to be more focused on doing fun things.

It can show what types of things also end up using our time as in the “other” spot.  If we seem to always have things happening here, we need to find ways to say “NO” to these impromptu things so they do not distract us from our goals.


This list should also provide a way of rewarding us, for if we do not get a sense of accomplishment with the areas we want to be successful in, we can have a feeling or a sense of failure.

I recommend that the number of things or time we spend on things should not be so large that it drains ourselves so that the things on our list become a burden.

Next, to the area that we wish to work on our task list we may include a certain number of things we wish to do, perhaps it is a certain number of email responses, once the goal is met for that task we move on to another for the day.  Example our task may be “Email (5)” when working on this task when we have answered or have written 5 emails, this task is done!  Time to move on to another.

Perhaps we have a project we are working on that we wish to spend so much time on each day. An example would be “Project A (2hrs)”.  When working on this project we are giving ourselves so much time each day to accomplish this goal.  Once we have achieved the time limit we should move on to another task. The reason why I mention time limits on “Projects” is often once we get past a certain amount of time being spent on it, it can be counterproductive.

If we have found ourselves completing everything on our list, which is great! We will find ourselves spending some time working on some of the things we have already accomplished for the day giving us a sense of fulfillment!  Kind of like extra credit!

When our FOCUS becomes more habitual, we can add more “Tasks” to this list or create another new “Task List” with other goals that are more specific in an area that we are working with.


I know this is one of the main struggles that people often face when they work at home are the distractions which interfere in what we wish to accomplish.

These distractions may have become habitual and will show up consistently in the area of “OTHER” on our task list.  By having a list like this we can then focus on those areas so we change our behavior patterns!

I know from experience from having a home based business that I needed a space or place where I could go to where I physically removed myself from some of these distractions so I could get things done.

Without this space, I lost my focus and seemed to have a sense of not getting anything accomplished!

When things kept going like this for a few days in a row, it seemed like everything became a burden! During this time period in my life, I did not have a “Task List” to help keep me focused.  Something I wish I would have had back then.  I know if I would have had something like this I may have been able to change some of the things in my life and in the way I did them.


Perhaps this is the time for you to pick up a pen and paper and start writing down some of the goals that you wish to achieve.

What projects do you want to accomplish?  Some of these can be personal as well as business!

Maybe two different “Task Lists” are necessary, one for your personal life and one for your business life!

Placing these lists side by side may also help you balance the way you operate or do things on a daily basis.

These “Task Lists” can show our strengths and our weaknesses!


If you have some thoughts or ideas that you may have or have been through in your life that would be of help to others, please list them in the comments section!

This would be most appreciated!

For anything we can do to help someone else in life is a reward in itself!

Wishing you the best and also success in your personal as well as business life!



  • Marge Cramer says:

    Hi Tim,
    I agree that task list are the way to get things done.

    • Tim says:

      Hi Marge,

      Thanks for the comment! I know the “Task List” I created for this post is oversimplified, but it is an easy way to list things with a date and day to see what you are doing each day. By doing a list like this it will make your list easier to expand as you become dedicated to following.

      Thanks again, have a nice week!


  • Susan Walden says:

    Hi Tim,

    Now why didn’t I think of this?!? I am such a “list” person and this is exactly what I need. I can sit here at the computer and my mind can easily begin to think of all the other things I need to do and suddenly I feel stymied and overwhelmed.
    A task list like this would alleviate that.

    • Tim says:

      Hi Susan

      Thanks for the reply and comment! This task list is an experimentation process that I am going through also! Like I mentioned in my post, I wish I had thought of this years ago also! It really helps keep me focused! I really hope this helps you also so you no longer feel stymied or overwhelmed!

  • Corey Watson says:

    fantastic article! I do write a to do list – but for the life of me I cant ever finish it! I have a tendency to over list myself – or all of my full time jobs (all of which are at home) are really too much for one person. my husband owns a business so I have little or no help at home so all home duties, kids, framing and art business plus blog (attempt to earn extra money online and use my art knowledge in form of writing to help people)…. it is all on my shoulders. I think I have to add the time limit to each task – I tend to get on one task and have a hard time stopping till its done. I am driven to accomplish but somehow get stuck on one thing – the main thing that can, will and does tear me away from all tasks is the kids – of course the most important job! You are clearly great at having a home based business and I will absolutely have to implement your suggestions into my day and stick to it!

    • Tim says:

      Hi Corey

      Thanks for the comment! I had lists also written with my goals on them, but I never seemed to get anything done!

      With this task list, I created using a database, I see things all at once which helps in keeping me focused!

      Your family should always come before anything else, which is why I had my wife start a business. This way she could watch them and take calls for clients until I came home from my full-time job. Then she could actually work on some of these projects!

      Wishing you the best Corey!


  • captdennis says:

    The database is a great idea!

    I have been trying with google calendar but get it all screwed up lol

    I am going to try your system for sure

    • Sir Timothy says:

      Hi Dennis

      I tried working with a calendar also. I had things listed on it for my appointments. It worked fine for what I was scheduling, but it did not work on keeping me focused on my goals. I know many people have things to do list or a honey-do list, but these are not goals, these are projects for when we plan repairs or when we go on a trip.

      I hope you give the task list a shot! I have been using mine for 78 days now. It is becoming a habit!

      Wishing you the best Dennis!


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